Here’s To Building Modern Sales Teams in 2016 [Video]

here's to building a modern sale steamHappy new year, sales leaders and friends!

We hope you’re ready for a triumphant 2016.

We thought we were ready. We even got into the swing of rolling out new year initiatives. But we just don’t feel like we’ve showed you just how thankful we are for how you supported us last year yet.

We asked our team members to tell you thanks in their own words. They got pretty creative for you.

Because of your support, we’re starting out the new year…

1. In our very own office.

We went from our 1,000 square feet of incubator space in Detroit’s M@dison Building to 5,000 square feet of pure LevelEleven office space right off of Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit. Don’t hesitate to swing by if you’re in town — we’d love to show you around!

2. With an award from Google’s National Demo Day sitting in that office. 

After taking home the top honors for Detroit’s demo day competition, our executives got to fly out to Google’s headquarters and compete in its national demo day competition. Out of the twelve competing companies, LevelEleven took home the Game Changer award. (See how it all went down here!)   

3. Offering a full sales performance platform.

In 2015, we unleashed our Scorecard tool to empower sales teams by bringing everyday visibility into performance for both short and long term goals. This rocketed us from a contest builder to a full-suite sales performance platform.

4. With 30+ team members.

We hired a lot of fantastic new team members in 2015, including two key executives. The LevelEleven crew now consists of more than 30 passionate employees, and there’s not an empty desk in sight!

5. With myriad new customers.

We love all of our customers, and we wouldn’t be a company without them. We’re thankful for even more customers that joined us in 2015, expanding our reach to include teams like Hubspot, American Express, Pandora and Rocket Fuel.

6. With a raise of $2M in venture capital and a second investment from Salesforce.

Three months after moving out of our coworking space, we secured a $2 million round of funding, led by Ohio-based NCT Ventures. We also received a second investment from — a rare but exciting accomplishment!

Bonus: Want to know what else we were able to accomplish in 2015?
We collected the best sales performance quotes from 2015 and put them in an easy-to-read eBook to help you build your modern sales team. Grab your copy right now!

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Here’s To Building Modern Sales Teams in 2016 [Video]
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Here’s To Building Modern Sales Teams in 2016 [Video]
Happy new year, sales leaders and friends! We hope you’re ready for a triumphant 2016. Get the year started right by building a modern sales team.
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