Reflecting on 2019 – 7 improvements to LevelEleven’s Performance Management Platform

2019 was a great year for LevelEleven filled with many product enhancements and additions to help make your people better. With the new year, we would like to reflect on our new and improved 2019 features. Keep reading to learn about the seven improvements to LevelEleven’s Performance Management Platform.


  1. Empowers managers and reps to indicate when team members are out-of-office
  2. Metrics are updated to reflect OOO team members
  3. Avoids penalizing reps and/or teams if someone is on PTO
  4. Admins can specify which metrics are impacted by OOO (e.g. quota is not)

Link Accounts/Opps in Coaching

  1. Use “@” symbol to automatically link to Accounts and Opportunities in Salesforce
  2. Provides streamlined way to “attach” relevant information to coaching notes
  3. Empower reps and managers with additional context on feedback

Multi-Lingual Support

  1. Support 10+ languages
  2. Language support matches user-selected locale
  3. Great for global companies, especially if multiple languages are legally mandated 
  4. Major European languages included

Enhanced Record Details

  1. Enhanced UX that is consistent with rest of LevelEleven
  2. Robust filter and sorting capabilities to find specific records/coaching details within large data sets
  3. Accessible via “View Records” or “Coaching Details” button within Scorecard
  4. Coaching Details can be made available as “HR View”

Action Item Status Panel

  1. Consolidated place to see all open, closed, and not achieved action items
  2. Empowers manager to see the entire team and/or specific reps
  3. Can be opened from anywhere within Scorecard at anytime (e.g. while coaching session is happening)

Zero Commits

  1. Empower senior leaders to see when people are NOT doing a critical behavior
  2. “Zero Commits” counts the number of people who have not updated a given metric in that time period
  3. High priority item for large customer 
  4. Currently available in Executive Scorecard only

20 Metrics on Scorecard

  1. Increased number of Secondary metrics to 16 for a grand total of 20 metrics per Scorecard
  2. Empowers reps and managers to track additional behaviors that may be useful

There you have it, the seven new and improved LevelEleven features we brought to life in 2019. Join us for a deeper dive into our 2019 updates and look forward to 2020 during our LevelEleven Webinar: 2019 Product Highlights & Q1 2020 Roadmap. [su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#e84e38″ size=”5″ center=”yes”]Register now![/su_button]

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