New Feature Alert! Channel11 Countdown Clock

Here at LevelEleven, we are dedicated to consistently improving our product suite to suit both our present and future customer’s needs. One feature request we hear often is the request for Channel11 to have the ability to countdown to different days or events. Although Channel11 has always had the ability to countdown to the end of contests, this new feature is not tied to your contests and is therefore fully customizable.

countdown clock

This new feature allows your team to countdown to events or days that are important to them, creating a pleasant sense of anticipation. This is great for workplace morale as having something to work towards or look forward to can build more discipline and motivation in one’s daily routine. As human beings, we crave having something in our future to be excited and optimistic about.

Looking for ideas on how to use this new feature? Here are five ideas to get you started!

countdown clockCountdown to an office event

Our team recently attended a Detroit Pistons game and using the countdown clock definitely helped build excitement. Even on the day of, seeing how many hours until the big game made the workday fly by much faster.

Countdown to the holidays or days off

Put this new feature to use right away and countdown to the holidays this season. Either choose a specific day to celebrate, such as a holiday luncheon or even countdown to the few days off around the holidays. Either way, this action can help give your team the extra push to finish out Q4 strong!

Countdown to events in your team members lives

Is someone having a baby? It is someone’s work anniversary? How about a birthday? Kick off a countdown and make the day more special! This not only builds excitement for the specific employee, it builds awareness with your other employees resulting in them all celebrating together!

Countdown to the end of the year/month/quarter

Whether you’re looking to add a sense of urgency to year-end business or just trying to get your team pumped for wrapping up 2018, this is another great use for the countdown clock.

Countdown to conferences

One of the biggest Salesforce events of the year, Dreamforce is definitely countdown worthy. This not only creates excitement for the event, it ensures that your team is on track and ready to go!

Are you looking for ways to keep your employees engaged? Request a demo, see this feature live, plus many more engagement tools!

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