5 Ways to Automate Your Sales Process Using LevelEleven

No matter how large or small your team is, every organization can benefit from automating their sales process. In fact, if your organization has any plans to expand and more effectively compete in your industry, automation should be a critical element of your plan. Companies using sales or marketing automation can expect a 53% higher conversion rate, resulting in 3.1% higher annualized revenue growth and 10% average increase in sales-pipeline contribution with automation (source).

complicated sales processBut it goes deeper than increased revenue. Utilizing a performance management system such as LevelEleven also saves managers and team member’s time. In a study of sales teams done by Business Wire, 88 percent of respondents said they could benefit from tools that helped them save time. It’s no secret that sales teams have a lot on their plates, automating processes eliminates time-consuming tasks and allows team members to use their working hours more efficiently.


1. Reports can be easy, and meaningful

As a leader, you need to have data at your fingertips if you want to successfully manage your team. With LevelEleven’s Manager Scorecard, you can see where your whole team is at on one dashboard. Personal scorecards for individual contributors also give them the agency to monitor their own progress all from their Salesforce ecosystem.

2. Coach with consistency

We’ve covered the importance of coaching and how to do it effectively but we also know that even the best sales managers get busy and forget to do sales coaching consistently. This is why LevelEleven provides pre-configured workflows, templates and more to make sure that coaching is happening on a regular cadence.LevelEleven Manager Coaching Notes View

3. Manage against your goals

Stop looking at sales reports and CRM dashboards that tell you what happened in the past, and start monitoring performance in real-time. We’ll tell you when and how to course-correct your sales team’s behaviors, so you always know what actions to take to improve sales results. Line up performance today to hit your sales goals tomorrow.

4. Focus on what matters most

Use LevelEleven to cut through the day-to-day noise and give your team visibility into exactly where they are in relation to their goals. This allows your team to make up their own minds on where they should spend their time, streamlining their decision making processes and allowing them to have the most productive day possible. In addition to that, the LevelEleven Performance Index provides scores for your individual team member’s performance against his or her goals, keeping their progress top of mind.

5. Motivate with Competitive drive

With LevelEleven, you can spin up an automated sales contest in only six steps around any behavior tracked in Salesforce. We built this with sales managers in mind so you won’t need help from IT, allowing you to spike productivity on demand. Build contests that fit your team – whether that means rewarding on percent-to-goal, with different points for different behaviors, via individual or team-based spiffs or on custom behaviors.Modern sales teams face many challenges, therefore there is no reason to spend valuable time on activities that could be easily automated. Investing in a performance automation platform will not only save your team members time, but it will also increase productivity and revenue for your entire organization in the long run.

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