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by Julie Dunn February 27, 2017

The year of sales management innovation

When finalizing our product roadmap at LevelEleven earlier this year, we came across a fascinating stat: Over 50% of LevelEleven’s product innovations in 2016 were inspired by customers. What an insight! Our company is growing based on constructive feedback from our awesome community. Which made us realize… 2016 was the year of sales management evolution.

by Julie Dunn February 8, 2017

Salesforce, Quip supercharge sales productivity with new innovations

We know Salesforce is one of your top sales productivity tools, according to an online technology reviews firm, so we want to keep you updated on the technology you use every day.  Most sales software aims to increase sales productivity. But too many tools can actually decrease productivity, because sales teams spend so much time

by Sarah Van Caster February 6, 2017

Combine sales incentives with machine learning to increase sales

In the U.S alone, thirty-eight million people start their day by eagerly fastening a device to their wrist that isn’t for fashion or keeping time. It’s a fitness tracker. And these little gadgets have swept the nation. People love having instant access to their performance, activities and goals; they enjoy tracking their progress throughout the

by Meera Mehta January 27, 2017

What is a sales engagement platform?

The sales technology landscape has exploded with new vendors and solutions over the past two decades. And more emerge every day. As sales and marketing professionals, we’re inundated with product pitches and complicated frameworks on trends and tools. Before sales engagement Not too long ago, IT departments would provide sales reps with a standard set

by Kimbe MacMaster January 20, 2017

How sales management can coach reps on using video

Picture this: You’re sifting through a pile of emails you received in the last hour, just trying to stay on top of it all. You come across an email with this subject line (and your name is Kim): Do you click? Of course you do! We love video. It’s impossible to resist. When you open

by Julie Dunn January 13, 2017

How to roll out sales software (the right way)

High-performing sales teams use nearly three times more sales software than underperforming teams. But that doesn’t mean purchasing sales tools, alone, will increase performance. In fact, a common error of sales management is botching the implementation and rollout of the sales software they purchase. Not only does this increase the amount of time it takes