The year of sales management innovation

When finalizing our product roadmap at LevelEleven earlier this year, we came across a fascinating stat:

Over 50% of LevelEleven’s product innovations in 2016 were inspired by customers. What an insight! Our company is growing based on constructive feedback from our awesome community. Which made us realize…

2016 was the year of sales management evolution.  

Our products and services grew enormously in 2016, based on the needs of real sales leaders. We even launched the first version of LevelEleven CoachingLevelEleven Coaching, an add-on that allows sales managers to coach with consistency, record one-on-one sessions and assign action items all within Scorecard. LevelEleven Coaching also leverages our unique ability to snapshot Salesforce data over time.

LevelEleven Coaching is one of the many ways that our sales management system continues to evolve to better serve modern sales leaders. Here are some of the other ways we’ve done that:

  • Scorecard 3.0: In addition to a brand new desktop-friendly interface, Scorecard 3.0 features a Weekly Sales Meeting Scorecard, One-on-One Scorecard and Focus Box, all to help you drive performance with visibility around key metrics.
  • LevelEleven Performance Index (LPI): LPI provides a personalized score for a salesperson’s holistic performance against his or her goals. The score allows managers to objectively evaluate each rep’s overall performance and stack rank it against the rest of the team.
  • Salesforce Report & Google Sheets Broadcast: Easily broadcast Salesforce reports and Google Sheets in via our Channel11 TV service, so your organization can stay aligned on all of your operating metrics.
  • Custom Splash Builder: Trigger custom screen splashes based on workflow criteria for any activity or accomplishment you’d like to recognize.
  • Salesforce Lightning: LevelEleven is 100% enabled for Salesforce Lightning.
  • Historical Goal Achievement: See historical charts of performance, leveraging our snapshot technology that stores performance completion over time.
  • Waterline Metrics: Waterline metrics allow you to maintain a particular value regardless of the time period.
  • Secondary Metrics: In addition to the four main metrics in your Scorecard, managers can set up secondary metrics and configure whether or not they are visible to reps. 
  • Teams: Group salespeople into unique teams under a single profile.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Display metrics for any type of currency via API integration.
  • Twitter and RSS Ticker Feed: Channel11 Tickers allow teams to share real-time updates on competitions, news, social media and more by pulling data from contests, RSS feeds and Twitter.
  • Pacing Alerts: When an individual or team metric falls behind, an email alert is sent to managers and reps.
  • Custom-Branded Channels: Customize your Channel11 broadcast with your company logo, loading image, etc.
2016 was the year of sales management expansion.

Speaking of customers, we had many amazing companies join the LevelEleven community last year, including …

And we don’t like to brag, but LevelEleven received a lot of recognition in 2016. Here are just a few examples …

And all of this brings us to …

2017: The year of sales management innovation.

Going forward, we’ll continue to bring you the most groundbreaking solutions for managing your sales organization, including new innovations that we’re designing and building right now. Upcoming features will allow you to …

  • Manage opportunities more effectively with real-time data
  • Personalize goals based on actual rep performance
  • Develop an activity-based sales forecast based on historical activity levels
  • Calculate rep activity required to hit company and personal goals 
  • Streamline sales management for executives and managers

There’s so much more to come, but we can’t share it all just yet. So hang tight, modern sales leaders. We’re looking forward to another exciting year of helping to enable your data-driven sales management strategy with cutting-edge technology.

Happy selling!

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