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by Julie Dunn October 11, 2016

Why Sales Productivity Requires Leading & Lagging Metrics

Counting activities as sales metrics can seem like micromanagement. Tracking conversations, meetings and proposals used to be invasive, let alone tedious. But as Jason Jordan and Michelle Vazzana argue in “Cracking The Sales Management Code,” those are leftover sentiments from a time before ubiquitous information technology. Modern sales teams are empowered with activity-based selling. They

by Julie Dunn September 7, 2016

What Are the Best Sales Metrics?

Every data-driven sales leader needs sales metrics. That much we can all agree on. As Torrent Consulting Chief Visionary Phil Brabb’s says, metrics-driven teams know where they want to go and what they need to monitor to make sure they get there. But the act of having sales metrics alone doesn’t guarantee success. Which sales

by Patrick Wolf August 17, 2016

5 Sales KPI’s for Sales & Marketing Alignment

Finding the right sales KPI’s to use for sales and marketing alignment can be tricky. The B2B sales funnel has changed dramatically, as both the the solutions offered by companies and the buyer’s journey have evolved to be much more complex. Marketing used to simply own the top of the funnel, but this shift has

by Julie Dunn August 3, 2016

40 Interesting Sales KPIs by Industry

Sales KPIs come in all different shapes and sizes. And they can be expressed in an infinite number of ways: market coverage, sales team capability, product focus, financial status, market share, customer focus and on and on. KPIs need to be specific not only to sales role, but also vertical and go-to-market strategy. Our Sales

by Julie Dunn July 27, 2016

KPIs for Customer Success Teams

When the customer success team at ilos was created, they tracked KPIs like emails sent. Emails sent can be a great leading indicator, but founder Sean Higgins quickly learned there wasn’t a correlation between deals won and the number of emails sent by the customer success team. So they ditched it and tried something else.

by Julie Dunn July 19, 2016

20 KPIs for Sales Development Reps

Daily activities for sales development reps can get noisy. You’ve seen it: They’re researching prospects, making phone calls, sending emails, qualifying leads, setting up appointments, scheduling demos, fielding qualified opportunities…the list goes on. That’s where sales KPIs can help. Not only do they improve decision making for reps on where to spend their time, but