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by Julie Dunn March 2, 2017

4 kinds of sales metrics every sales manager should track [Infographic]

Have you looked at your sales metrics lately? What types of metrics are you tracking? More than likely, they include measurements like profit, revenue growth, customer retention or market share. Those result metrics are important, because they communicate how the company is performing overall. But research shows that you can’t directly manage result metrics because

by Alaysia Brown December 12, 2016

How to choose sales metrics that matter [infographic]

You’ve probably seen some variation of the statistic below, but it’s still worth sharing: Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created. That number is unfathomable, but it’s great news for sales leaders. That data includes valuable activity data, lead information and pipeline statistics that can be used to improve your sales process. But

by Julie Dunn December 2, 2016

How to set sales goals

The end of a quarter is a hard time to be a sales leader. You’re stressed about getting in those last vital deals for this quarter. Your CEO needs next quarter’s sales forecast. Your reps want to take off time for the holidays. And to top it all off, you need a new sales strategy to achieve

by Julie Dunn October 27, 2016

Review sales metrics daily to increase sales performance

How often should you review your sales metrics? Good question. We work with a lot of sales leaders, but the most successful ones tell us they review sales metrics daily. It makes sense. Sales metrics help you understand what your salespeople do each day. I’m not talking about lagging indicators like revenue or market share.

by Julie Dunn October 24, 2016

What are the right sales metrics for your team?

The most important part of choosing sales metrics is to just start somewhere. You don’t need to get it right the first time. Take a scientific approach, and test out different metrics until you find the right fit. A great best practice is to focus on three leading indicators and one lagging indicator as your

by Julie Dunn October 18, 2016

10 guides to help you use sales metrics like a pro

Everyone loves to tell you what to do with your sales metrics. It’s not always effective. Sales metrics must be very specific to their host organizations. There’s no guarantee that what works for one team will also work for another. It’s not all bad, though. There’s a lot of good research and data surrounding sales