20 KPIs for Sales Development Reps

Daily activities for sales development reps can get noisy.

sales KPIs for sales development repsYou’ve seen it: They’re researching prospects, making phone calls, sending emails, qualifying leads, setting up appointments, scheduling demos, fielding qualified opportunities…the list goes on.

That’s where sales KPIs can help. Not only do they improve decision making for reps on where to spend their time, but sales KPIs give you objective data to use in coaching and one-on-one sessions.

Types of KPIs for Sales Development

To be successful, sales KPIs should be specific to the role they apply to. If you specialize your SDR team, you probably have these two roles:

  • Inbound: Reps react to inbound leads that come in from demo requests, content downloads, referrals and other lead sources.
  • Outbound: Reps prospect opportunities by targeting a very specific type of buyer and generating interest mainly via calls, emails or social media.

Many sales development KPIs can apply to both groups, but make sure to take a close look at the KPIs you choose and ensure they apply to your specific environment. It doesn’t make sense to have inbound reps prospecting to new leads or outbound reps focusing on “follow-up time” after a demo request.

20 Sales KPIs for SDR Teams

We analyzed more than 100 modern sales teams to identify 20 sales KPIs specifically for SDR teams. Here’s what we found.

  1. Calls
  2. Conversations
  3. Meetings Scheduled
  4. Sales Accepted Opportunities
  5. Assessment Scheduled
  6. Demos Scheduled
  7. Talk Time
  8. Upgrade Opps Created
  9. 4+ Minute Conversations
  10. Emails Sent
  11. Opportunities Created
  12. Activities
  13. Connects
  14. Wins
  15. Demo Completed
  16. Meetings
  17. Sales Qualified Leads
  18. Contacts Added
  19. Conversations
  20. Dials

There are specific steps that go into choosing the right KPIs for you sales development team, but hopefully these can get you brainstorming.

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