40 Interesting Sales KPIs by Industry

Sales KPIs come in all different shapes and sizes. And they can be expressed in an infinite number of ways: market coverage, sales team capability, product focus, financial status, market share, customer focus and on and on.

sales kpis by industryKPIs need to be specific not only to sales role, but also vertical and go-to-market strategy. Our Sales KPI Report, alone, examined over 1,500 metrics used to manage sales teams.

In our KPI report, we examined the most common KPIs for the following industries:

  • Ad/Marketing Tech
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Publishing
  • Professional Services
  • Technology
  • Telecom

Calls made the top three across all industries, and Wins made the top three for every industry except for Manufacturing.

KPIs get more interesting when broken down by industry: In Ad/Marketing, we saw metrics around Media Plans Completed and Market Reports, while in Finance, Financials Received and Distinct Loans.

Check out this infographic with interesting sales KPIs we found for those industries.

40 Industry-Specific Sales KPIs


Want to learn more about how today’s top sales organizations are using sales KPIs? Grab a copy of the full Sales KPI Report here:

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