December 2013
“Why not add a little something extra to see just how much motivation we can get?” The question popped into your head once when building a sales competition. From then on, you decided to find out. You added extra incentives to competitions, in the form of cash and gift cards for winners. Your team got pretty...
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“I am a Winner,” said this guy, with two thumbs pointed somewhere between my nipples and my collarbones. I grew up winning a lot, and not like today’s kids, who win because they simply show up – blue ribbons for participation, blech! Nope. I earned victories for the title of winner by competing and succeeding....
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“Persistence Pays!” “Persistence is more important than perfection!” “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” We’ve heard these inspirational mantras hundreds of times while we were developing into the go-getters we are now, but how many times do those of us in sales let our persistence turn us into the caller who gets...
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