Sales Incentive Ideas [Free eBook]

Sales Incentive Ideas“Why not add a little something extra to see just how much motivation we can get?” The question popped into your head once when building a sales competition. From then on, you decided to find out. You added extra incentives to competitions, in the form of cash and gift cards for winners. Your team got pretty pumped, especially the first few times. Then came additional competitions, additional incentives – in the form of more cash and gift cards. And that brings us to today.

If you’re sitting there thinking, “These people understand me,” you need to switch things up. Quickly.

Run more than a few consecutive competitions with the same incentives, and unless the prize is seriously motivating (trip to Vegas, anyone?), it looses its allure. You can even end up running into competition fatigue, which basically renders your team indifferent toward your sales gamification efforts.

The good news? When this fatigue hits, it only takes a small dose of variety to inspire new energy and get gamification doing just what you rely on it to do: instill the kinds of sales habits you need your team to have. And you can come up with plenty of sales incentive ideas to give you that variety you need.

We wrote a new eBook to show you what we mean. Check out Sales Incentive Ideas: The Smart, the Inexpensive and the Downright Awesome for advice on what to consider as you come up with your own sales incentive ideas, along with lists of incentive examples.

Get the free “Sales Incentive Ideas” eBook here. 

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