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by Megan Seamans January 30, 2019

The Difference Between Engagement & Productivity – Why You Need Both

Productivity is an important measure in any organization and shouldn’t be ignored. What tends to be forgotten is the importance of employee engagement to increase overall productivity. It is just as important that your employees are engaged and passionate about what they are doing as they are productive, or else their productivity will eventually dissipate.

by Julie Dunn October 25, 2016

8 essential sales productivity tips [straight from #SalesSummit]

This is part of our series covering the best of Dreamforce 2016. Click here to read more. Sales productivity is always a focus at Dreamforce. But sometimes, there’s so much information that it’s hard to determine what’s important for you, as a sales leader. That’s why we’re putting together a series on the best ideas,

by Brandon Redlinger October 7, 2015

A Sales Productivity Secret: Automation Isn’t Enough

About a year ago, venture capital investor Fred Wilson unleashed one of my favorite tweet storms. It was brief, but powerful. Here it is: 1/ whenever i find myself doing a mundane rote task, i ask myself if it would be quicker to write a script and automate it or just do it — Fred

by Julie Dunn August 25, 2015

3 Ways to Increase Sales Efficiency with Sales Technology

Today, sales teams depend on technology to accelerate the sales process, provide valuable and detailed insights about prospects and close more deals faster. But, without the right mix of technology and process, sales technology can still become a hindrance to efficiency. It’s up to sales leaders to enable their teams with the tools they need

by Julie Dunn February 11, 2015

11 Efficiency Hacks for Sales Leaders Who Travel

As I walked off the flight from one of my first business trips, I found a sales leader I met getting on that plane. We walked on in unison and chatted like peers — until I veered toward baggage claim. “You checked your bag?!” He asked loudly. Before I could answer, he lifted his bag, said the flight attendants