The Difference Between Engagement & Productivity – Why You Need Both

Is your organization more focused on productivity or engagement? If you’re like many companies, you are focused on the bottom line, meeting deadlines, and getting work done, and that’s perfectly fine!

Productivity is an important measure in any organization and shouldn’t be ignored. What tends to be forgotten is the importance of employee engagement to increase overall productivity. It is just as important that your employees are engaged and passionate about what they are doing as they are productive, or else their productivity will eventually dissipate.

Let’s take a look at the differences between engagement and productivity and how you can boost both in your workspace!

The differences


According to Forbes, employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. This means that employees are excited to come to work and understand the importance of their jobs to the success of the organization. They are invested in their work and usually the ones to speak up, brainstorm ways processes can be improved, and bring excitement to the team.


Employee productivity is a measure of the efficiency of an employee or team. Productive employees and teams get more work done and help produce or sell more, therefore boosting the companies bottom line.

How you can boost both

Although many companies strive for productivity rather than engagement, productive employees’ performance will eventually waine if they are not engaged with their job and the company. To put it simply, productivity is a measure of efficiency. According to a study by the Gallup Organization, “organizations with a high level of engagement report 22% higher productivity.” Productivity is only the beginning, being truly engaged with the company is when an employee is at their best. You simply can’t choose one or the other, you need both.

engagement leads to productivity

Framing the situation this way, it’s sensical that to boost productivity you must first get your employees more engaged with their daily work. How can you do this you ask? Gamification and scorecards are a great start. Utilizing a Performance Management Platform, such as LevelEleven, keeps your team engaged and focused on the daily behaviors that drive productivity.

LevelEleven’s Channel11 feature offers an office-wide platform to boost employee engagement. By using our “splash” technology, with custom sounds and videos, the entire organization is made aware of any goal being hit, point being scored, or deal being closed. This increases employee morale and generates positive energy within the office environment — boosting individual and team productivity.

LevelEleven Channel11 View

LevelEleven’s Scorecard is another tool to help cultivate employee engagement. Allowing team members to track their own progress as well as their peers, Scorecard empowers employees to see the immediate effects of their work and receive encouragement on the way. This, in turn, works to boost productivity through healthy competition with peers.LevelEleven Manager Scorecard View

Don’t sacrifice employee engagement for productivity when you can have both! Looking to boost your organization’s productivity AND engagement? Request a free, personalized demo of LevelEleven today!


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