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by Julie Dunn April 4, 2017

Sales Scorecard available in new Salesforce Lightning Console

Today, Salesforce unveiled Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud: an AI-powered interface that allows reps to access their sales scorecard, activity capture, lead scoring and other tools in a single platform.

by Julie Dunn March 29, 2017

How to use your sales KPI grid to increase sales

Last week, we launched a powerful new feature within the LevelEleven Scorecard product: a sales KPI grid called Activity Overview. This Activity Overview is a single, simple view that a VP or manager can use to see their four key sales KPI metrics as column headers with each rep’s current period performance below.

by Julie Dunn March 20, 2017

5 ways to accelerate sales motivation with Channel11

The top sources of sales motivation beyond compensation are competition, recognition and transparency. That’s why we built Channel11, a TV broadcast service that displays your team’s performance on the big screen, in real time, in every office.

by Julie Dunn March 9, 2017

The value of sales activity management [described by actual sales leaders]

Hundreds of sales organizations are driving revenue with a growing category of software: sales activity management. With a sales activity management system, managers can spot the key activities needed to close business and set daily, weekly and monthly goals around them. They can then monitor and course-correct performance with real-time data, as well as keep

by Julie Dunn March 8, 2017

Why you need secondary sales metrics

This is the first in a new series of product-focused blogs to help our customers achieve even greater ROI with LevelEleven. To view other stories in the series, click here. When implemented properly, sales metrics help salespeople get and stay focused on the critical few behaviors fundamental to closing business. But too many sales metrics

by Julie Dunn February 27, 2017

The year of sales management innovation

When finalizing our product roadmap at LevelEleven earlier this year, we came across a fascinating stat: Over 50% of LevelEleven’s product innovations in 2016 were inspired by customers. What an insight! Our company is growing based on constructive feedback from our awesome community. Which made us realize… 2016 was the year of sales management evolution.