The value of sales activity management [described by actual sales leaders]

Hundreds of sales organizations are driving revenue with a growing category of software: sales activity management.

With a sales activity management system, managers can spot the key activities needed to close business and set daily, weekly and monthly goals around them. They can then monitor and course-correct performance with real-time data, as well as keep their reps motivated with data-driven coaching and friendly competition.

Sales activity management works because it provides tools for sales leaders to more effectively manage and motivate their teams, which leads to more revenue. As “Cracking the Sales Management Code” authors Jason Jordan and Michelle Vazanna write in their book: Salespeople are the foot soldiers fighting the war, but sales managers are the ones equipping them for battle and handing down marching orders.

“The frontline sales manager is the most powerful point of leverage in any sales force, and providing her with the right training and tools to manage her salespeople will pay dividends far into the future,” the authors explain.

That’s one of many reasons why a sales management tool such as this one brings tangible ROI to the organizations that invest in it. But don’t take our word for it. Check out what these ten modern sales leaders had to say about the system. (Please note, these are all LevelEleven customers.)

10 sales leadership pros using sales activity management

1. Dan Miller-Smith, VP of Sales, Procore

[Sales activity management] has made it really easy for us to keep individual rep’s metrics in front of them at all times with Scorecard, which actually follows them around day to day within their Salesforce console.”

2. Doug Mantelli, SVP of National Sales Development, Jackson National

“What ended up being the biggest ‘aha’ for our team is the pacing functionality. It’s been unbelievable. We’ve seen a massive spike in activity and focus, and so far it seems to be sustained. We’re on pace to have more activity [this year] than we did [last year], with a smaller team.”

3. Nick Grosskleg, Director, Inside Account Executives, Rogers Communications

“[Sales activity management] has enabled my leadership team to ensure they are focused on specific KPIs and coaching their account executives to excel more effectively. Our account executives appreciate the transparency and awareness that it facilitates. [The software] makes it very clear on what is expected of them and how they are doing against those expectations.”

4. Amy Appleyard, former VP of Sales, Staples

People need to be able to see [their KPIs] and have easy access to it. This is something we found very appealing about [sales activity management], to keep people’s eye on the game, and know that they had visibility on how they were doing at any point.”

5. Anthony Spical, CPP, VP of Sales, WorldPay

Our team made calls to over 1,000 previously disqualified sales leads and connected with over 100 on what is typically one of the slowest days of the year. It was a great start, and we’re expecting 25-30 sales to come from this.”  

6. Elton Hart, National Field Sales Senior Director, Comcast

“Salesforce can be a cumbersome tool, and you can easily get lost in reports and dashboards. [Sales activity management] gives frontline leadership and individual contributors a quick and easy way to understand how to manage their day-to-day business. We have been able to leverage the software to increase a number of our KPIs across the board.”  

7. Rose Baldauf, National Inside Sales Manager, Oncology, CVS

“[Sales activity management] has made our staff aware of the need to populate all fields in Salesforce. It has changed the mindset of our reps. They are more focused when working on an account.”

8. Janet Jansen, Director of High Velocity Sales, Paycor

“[Sales activity management] allows me to course-correct in real time and takes the noise out so my reps can focus on the critical few things that will move the sales needle. The overall value is that I have individual salespeople that sell more and are productive faster.”

9. Jason Pounders, Inside Sales Manager, Ryerson

“[Sales activity management] has helped to keep our sales team focused. We have never seen results like this, and we expect continued growth as a result of the system.”

10. Lucy Lu, Sales Operations & Performance Specialist, Ansarada

[Sales activity management] scorecards increased the efficiency of our sales team. Salespeople now can easily track their individual performance on a real-time basis.”

To learn more about companies like these using sales activity management, check out our success stories.

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