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by Julie Dunn February 11, 2013

How hiredMYway Motivated Its Sales Team to Win By Creating Contests the LevelEleven Way

Client success stories are what inspire us here at LevelEleven to continue to build great products that motivate key sales behaviors. I’ve heard from many clients who’ve seen knockout results using our Compete app, the most popular gamification app in the Salesforce AppExchange.  The most recent story comes from Willie McMullen, Director of Sales at

by Julie Dunn January 30, 2013

5 Tips for Building a Winning Sales Organization

From the Salesforce.com Blog, Posted January 28, 2012 — Growing your sales and building your business can be difficult to juggle. That is why it’s crucial that you focus your efforts in three key areas: your sales team, CRM system, and management team. With those in mind, you can improve your sales planning process and streamline

by Julie Dunn December 3, 2012

Don’t Fall off the Salesforce Adoption Cliff

Let me try to paint a picture of what far too many companies face when it comes to Salesforce adoption (or of any sales CRM system). According to CSO Insights, 74% of sales organizations have poor CRM adoption so this is no small issue. Phase 1: This is going to be incredible!!! Your management team

by Julie Dunn October 29, 2012

Success Stories & Metrics: Making Sales Gamification Work

(**Please Note: Since this post was published, Contest Builder has been rebranded; it is now Compete. Learn more here.) The topic of gamification has been getting a lot of attention. It sounds like a great idea – making work more game-like, and creating friendly competition within a sales or service team. But many still wonder how

by Julie Dunn July 26, 2012

Sales Gamification on the Rise

I about came out of my shoes when I saw that our sales gamification app had climbed up to be the #1 most popular gamification app on the Salesforce AppExchange and the 31st most popular app (out of over 1,400, putting us in the top 2%). Only 12 months ago this was just a sparkle

by Julie Dunn July 11, 2012

Slay the Salesforce Adoption Dragon

Maybe you have wondered, “Why do companies invest so much money into a CRM system?” It can be for many reasons: to better forecast sales, to more efficiently manage prospecting efforts and sales pipeline,  increase visibility, to remove bottlenecks that will help a team drive more sales, to encourage collaboration (via Chatter), and for numerous