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by Julie Dunn April 21, 2014

CRM Dashboards or Sales Gamification…What’s Better?

This is the first edition of “What’s Better?” Each post in the series will bring questions and proposals I hear from the field directly to you! I will highlight a specific objection or proposal I hear on the idea of sales gamification and then explain the best approach. Okay, so: What’s better?   Dashboards –

by Mike Vespa January 16, 2014

Drive CRM Adoption through Gamification

One of the biggest challenges companies face when introducing a customer relationship management (CRM) software like salesforce.com is getting their teams to actually use it. End users often view the new system as another thing to do. As a result of their lack of adoption, quantifying the technology’s ROI can be challenging for leadership. What if companies

by Julie Dunn December 16, 2013

Who Will Be the Next CRM Idol?

With your help, one small company in the CRM industry will take it all home. By one company, we mean one “CRM Idol” finalist. And by “it all,” we mean status as potentially one of the next big things in the CRM world, along with six prizes chosen from a list of options like: consulting from

by Julie Dunn August 27, 2013

“Why Won’t My Sales Team Use Our CRM?”

“Why won’t my sales team use our CRM?” Admit it – you’ve been tempted to Google it. Or maybe you have Googled it. Or maybe you haven’t, but can we still agree it’s a fair assumption? Regardless, the answer is simple: Your team just doesn’t see the value the CRM offers your company as a

by Julie Dunn July 31, 2013

Got the Salesforce.com Adoption Blues? [Video]

Too often, it seems to make up part of the package; along with your CRM system comes hesitation from your sales team. But just because resistance arrives doesn’t mean it has to stay. LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh will teach you how to cure the adoption blues in this webinar. Incorporate the solutions discussed, and you’ll be

by Julie Dunn April 15, 2013

GSummit 2013 – San Francisco [Event]

GSummit 2013 attendees: Interested in how companies like Comcast and the Detroit Pistons have leveraged gamification and CRM (Salesforce) to drive increased engagement and sales? Our CEO, Bob Marsh, will discuss how these organizations were able to deliver the goods using game concepts on April 17 at 5 p.m. on the Main Stage. Just can’t