How hiredMYway Motivated Its Sales Team to Win By Creating Contests the LevelEleven Way

hiredMYway banner - narrowClient success stories are what inspire us here at LevelEleven to continue to build great products that motivate key sales behaviors. I’ve heard from many clients who’ve seen knockout results using our Compete app, the most popular gamification app in the Salesforce AppExchange.  The most recent story comes from Willie McMullen, Director of Sales at hiredMYway, an online recruitment agency that optimizes the hiring process by using an innovative formula to match top talent with their dream jobs.

Willie joined hiredMYway in 2011 when the company was reaching a tipping point in terms of growth. One of Willie’s top objectives then was to improve his sales team’s return on the company’s Salesforce investment. At that point, hiredMYway was spending $20,000 annually on the CRM platform, but his reps were still tied to an informal sales process and struggling to scale. “They couldn’t have cared less about CRM tools,” Willie admitted.

A self-identified “Salesforce junkie,” Willie knew that he needed to fire up his reps to use the platform to its full potential, but he wasn’t sure how to do it.

The Anatomy of Transformation Through Gamification

LevelEleven’s behavior-driven Compete app proved to be the answer to Willie’s problem. After reading one of our tweets on using custom contests to gamify the Salesforce experience, Willie installed Compete on the Salesforce platform and introduced it to his team. The results, which I’m thrilled to share with you here, were stellar:

Fast Implementation and Setup

Unlike many Salesforce apps, Compete is easy to install and execute. Willie simply used our six-step wizard to quickly build the first competition, and then let his reps run with it. Conveniently, because our app functions seamlessly with the Salesforce platform, the interface was familiar to his team, thereby eliminating a time-consuming and often frustrating learning curve.

Rapid ROI

Willie witnessed improved ROI immediately, because built into Compete is the crucial element his team was missing: motivation. While Willie could have offered cash or prizes to ramp up team enthusiasm, all it took was the promise of “mad props” to fire up a healthy, fun competition. Within minutes of kicking off the first contest, his reps were in it to win it! In fact, much to Willie’s surprise, one particularly low-energy rep was leading the charge, outperforming the others and participating in a ways he hadn’t before.

Dramatically Improved CRM Adoption

Through our app, Willie inspired his team to use the Salesforce platform in a way that not only increased productivity and boosted morale, but also captured the tool’s true value. Today, his reps log into the platform regularly and unprompted, eager to view the latest contest results, while the hiredMYway management team enjoys a high level of CRM adoption and the corollary pipeline visibility that information affords them.

While other organizations are still struggling to motivate CRM platform adoption, hiredMYway tapped into the secret sauce that helped to create an enthusiastic workforce that consistently nails sales goals.

To read the details of Willie’s experience, go here. To learn more about how LevelEleven can help your business or team, click here.

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