September 2016
It’s no secret that reps who regularly miss work have negative impacts on your sales numbers and overall business success. Across the United States, the collective absences of sales staff amounts to a total loss of $6.8 billion. The cost is calculated by factoring in the wages paid to the sick employee, the cost of...
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Whether you’re keeping up with changes in the market, have merged or have been acquired, restructuring a sales process is likely to ensue. Of course, this brings challenges beyond coming up with a restructuring strategy. Redefining how your organization acquires business creates FUD: Fear, uncertainty and doubt. Your sales team has to understand your new...
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Money, alone, doesn’t engage employees. There’s plenty of data to prove it. The good news is that motivation can come from other places – specifically, sales incentives. But these can get tricky. You want to choose sales incentives that motivate sales reps, but also fit your budget. Sales incentives come in different shapes and sizes....
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