Restructuring Your Sales Process? Try Sales Activity Management

Whether you’re keeping up with changes in the market, have merged or have been acquired, restructuring a sales process is likely to ensue.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOf course, this brings challenges beyond coming up with a restructuring strategy. Redefining how your organization acquires business creates FUD: Fear, uncertainty and doubt. Your sales team has to understand your new company initiatives; your sales reps have to adjust to new sales activities; and your sales leaders have to learn a new framework for managing reps.

Sales activity management can help. Here’s how.

How Sales Activity Management Helps Restructure Your Process

Sales activity management creates alignment around key initiatives.

When you release new company initiatives, everyone must work in tandem to achieve them. By keeping those initiatives front and center, sales activity management creates visibility and productivity for your entire team.

Transparency allows your team to work together toward goals. It also allows sales leaders to quickly motivate and rally team members around key initiatives. Reps share best practices to assist their peers, fostering a collaborative environment and culture of performance.

Sales activity management tells salespeople how to spend their time.

Salespeople get lost in day-to-day noise, which is amplified during a restructuring. If your main company initiatives have changed, then you’re main operating metrics and key selling activities will change, too.  

Sales activity management helps reps focus on those activities. With personal scorecards, reps track their progress toward goals and know instantly when they’re falling behind on specific sales metrics. The system eliminates guesswork for how reps should spend their time. Reps also see where they rank against their peers on specific metrics, which enables peer mentoring and friendly competition.

Sales activity management creates common framework for managers.

When restructuring, sales leaders need an objective way to manage their teams around new sales processes. Sales activity management provides the framework. It allows sales leaders to manage each sales rep against a common set of operating metrics.

With sales activity management, sales leaders can recognize which reps struggle with specific activities and coach accordingly. This means when performance falls out of line, sales leaders can course-correct proactively and with precision.

In addition, a key set of operating metrics helps onboard sales reps faster. Reps know what metrics they need to hit by the time they’re fully ramped, and managers train them at a corresponding pace.

Restructuring a sales process is a stressful endeavor. Rely on sales activity management to strengthen the procedure. You’ll align your sales team, keep reps focused on the right activities and provide a common framework for managers.

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