How to Create a Sales Culture of Performance

sales culture of performanceWhen your sales reps are fully engaged, the entire company benefits enormously, because they’re able to sell more.

There’s plenty of science to prove this.

According to Gallup, those who score in the top half of employee engagement nearly double their odds of success compared with those in the bottom half. A study from the University of Warwick says happiness can increase employee productivity by 10-12%. And Dale Carnegie Training found that engaged employees are enthusiastic, inspired, empowered and confident.

That’s why you, as the sales leader, need to create a sales culture of performance, where everybody is 100 percent aligned, focused and excited around putting in the effort required for their highest level of performance.

What a sales culture of performance is not…

A traditional top-down, draining, dull culture, where old-school sales managers only want to know what’s closing this month and wins are only celebrated once in awhile.

It’s also not an environment where reps feel overwhelmed, overworked and frustrated, because they don’t where to spend their time or how they are performing.

A sales culture of performance is…

Invigorating for sales reps and leaders. It belongs to companies that embrace the Activity Based Selling methodology, built off the premise that sales is a cascading chain of controllable behaviors that lead to a defined outcome: closing more deals.

The environment is very high-energy, because wins — big and small — are celebrated often and as a team. Reps are aware of and focus on the most important sales behaviors that lead to results.

The team is metrics-driven, and there’s transparency around the organization’s key performance indicators. Every individual knows exactly how they’re performing and where they stand among the rest of the team.

Individual and team performance is broadcasted to create accountability and healthy competition. Modern sales leaders motivate reps individually through coaching and weekly one-on-ones.

Sounds pretty ideal, right? Well, if you want to build a sales culture of performance, you’re going to need at least five things.

5 Needs for a Sales Culture of Performance:

  1. Clarity around key sales behaviors you expect reps to focus on.
  2. Scorecard of daily sales performance measurements for both reps and teams.
  3. Visibility around key initiatives and progress-to-goal.
  4. Public recognition of individual and team achievements.
  5. Energy fostered by the leadership team (and circulating through the entire organization) around success and performance.

Once you start using these methods to engage your reps, you’ll notice a difference in your team’s approach to performance. When you challenge, motivate and invigorate your reps with a sales culture of performance, you’ll maximize the true potential for your team.

Stay tuned for more on the steps required to create a culture of performance. Until then, we’d love to see your feedback below.

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