July 2016
Have you ever looked around your sales floor and thought, “I know my reps are busy…but are they actually busy on activities that will move the needle?” You’re not alone. Modern sales leaders crave an understanding of the activities reps are spending their time on, which is a big reason why 75% of sales leaders...
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Sales KPIs are not just for inside sales teams. That’s because, as Activity Based Selling tells us, winning a sale is the outcome of a cascading chain of controllable activities. Whether your sales cycle is long or short, simple or complex, small business or enterprise: there’s still a set of specific activities that have to...
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With the rise of Activity Based Selling, the use of key performance indicators (KPIs) as operating metrics has become more important than ever. Sales KPIs are the leading indicators of your operating metrics. When tracked in real time, they help you stay on pace to your larger sales performance goals. Of course, first you must...
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