June 2013
To those we met at the Salesforce Customer Company Tour in Toronto: We made this quick video to let you know that…well, we miss you. Visit to learn more about us. 
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When it comes to work contests, there’s certainly no shortage of spreadsheets and emails and white boards, decorated with rules and lists and rankings. And that’s fine – unless your communications become so complex that your team takes one look at those spreadsheets and emails and white boards and walks away. In that case, you shouldn’t even...
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Ever forget to follow up with a prospect? Watch this video, and learn how to leverage Salesforce so that will never happen again… Or, check out the transcript: Don’t “Go Dark” on Prospects My name is Felipe Gonzales-Paul. I’m an Account Executive at LevelEleven.  I use Salesforce to keep track of my pipeline and all...
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