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by Julie Dunn March 20, 2015

Social Selling: How to Get Higher Response Rates with LinkedIn InMail

If you’re in B2B sales, chances are you’re using LinkedIn’s InMail feature. You’re probably sending dozens of these things out, pouring over each word and phrase, making adjustments like a mechanic trying to squeeze better and more consistent performance from your social selling efforts. You know sales is a numbers game, and increasing your response

by Julie Dunn March 6, 2015

9 Ways for Salespeople to Get More Twitter Followers

Do you remember the days when most companies blocked social media sites, refusing access to anyone within office walls? Today, at LevelEleven, not seeing LinkedIn on our sales development team’s second monitors would be like seeing them without headsets. Not likely. Or ever, really. So social selling has become simply selling. And here’s how sales teams can

by Julie Dunn November 12, 2014

Using Twitter for Business? Get to Know It with 9 Fast Facts

Think you know Twitter? So did I this morning. Then I attended Quicken Loans’ first ever “Family of Companies Social Media Conference,” hosted by Twitter Senior Account Executive Sara Baker this afternoon. And I had some serious aha moments.  In effort toward helping you to do the same, I’ve compiled a list of nine of the interesting

by Julie Dunn April 16, 2014

Your Social Selling Strategy Might Be All Wrong

Maybe you read articles and blog posts on the topic of social selling. Maybe when you do, you bypass the typical “participate in discussions” type of tips, select the few new pieces of advice you can find and pass those along to your sales team. Maybe you’re doing it wrong. With the rise of social

by Julie Dunn March 18, 2014

5 Tips for Salespeople to Polish LinkedIn Profiles

With over 200 million users and counting, the professional networking/social media giant, LinkedIn, has become more of an everyday tool than simply a profile. Here are a few tips that will distinguish your presence from the masses and let you use your profile to your advantage. 1. On photos: Make your profile photo reflect who

by Julie Dunn March 10, 2014

6 Tips for Using Social Media to Boost Sales [Inc.]

Just because your sales reps make LinkedIn connection requests daily and tweet company news from time to time doesn’t mean they leverage social selling. And if they’re not leveraging social selling, they could be missing out on deals. Coach your team on implementing some of the tips LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh shares in his recent Inc. post,