Sales Goals
If you’ve been in sales for more than two minutes you’ve likely realized things don’t always go your way. Whether it’s a prospect saying “no” right out of the gate or that “sure thing” deal falling through and putting you in danger of missing your number, such events are a common occurrence for sales reps...
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It doesn’t matter which quarter we’re talking — each contributes to your growth as a professional and a company. When it’s time to close out Q1, 2, 3 or 4, you just can’t fall short of the goal line. The good news? We wrote a free eBook with eight steps that you can use to help...
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If you’re a sales leader, your days revolve around numbers. Take the lead numbers, the demo numbers, the meeting numbers, the deal numbers or the hundreds of other numbers that you could break down each day, week, month, quarter or year, for example. But which should you focus on right now? And what should they...
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