8 Steps to Close Your Quarter Strong [Free eBook]

Steps to Close Your Quarter StrongIt doesn’t matter which quarter we’re talking — each contributes to your growth as a professional and a company. When it’s time to close out Q1, 2, 3 or 4, you just can’t fall short of the goal line.

The good news? We wrote a free eBook with eight steps that you can use to help your sales team close the quarter right. So you shouldn’t have to worry about that whole falling short idea.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the tips shared:

Ever Heard “Content Creation is King?” Believe It. 

“Bring together your marketing and sales teams to figure out if marketing can create last-minute pieces of content for additional sales support. This serves as especially helpful in battling common objections.

  • Example: Is everyone saying your product is a nice-to-have vs. must-have? Have your marketing team write a quick blog post called “10 Reasons Every Company Needs [insert the name of your category – NOT your specific product or service.]”
  • Key: In most cases, the content should be educational versus promotional. Show that you care about teaching the prospect about your category, as opposed to shouting: “Me, me, me!”

Your sales reps can then briefly pass that content along to the prospects who have that objection and move on to other prospects and/or challenges.

Tip: Your reps will earn even more points with prospects if they’re the ones writing the content. Consider having each rep write one blog post a month. This will help to establish them as thought leaders. It’ll sharpen their knowledge base around your category, too.”

Get the full eBook here. 

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