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by Julie Dunn September 5, 2014

Building a High Growth SaaS Startup on Salesforce1

[Bob Marsh is the Founder & CEO of LevelEleven] When interviewing new hire candidates, talking to VC’s, fellow entrepreneurs, and sometimes even clients, people ask me, “When are you going to open up beyond Salesforce.com?” My answer is generally pretty straight forward – as soon as I know it will help us grow faster. After

by Julie Dunn April 18, 2013

Native or Non-Native? Evaluating Salesforce Apps

Did you know that sometimes apps that are not completely native can be listed as native on the Salesforce AppExchange? Or that Salesforce’s sharing and security rules apply to all native apps? Choosing between apps that are native and non-native might seem like a minor decision, but there’s some critical information behind it. Here’s what

by Julie Dunn April 10, 2013

Kevin O’Hara: The Story Behind one of Force.com’s new MVP’s

You could say Kevin O’Hara started preparing to be a Force.com MVP at a young age. After all, he was 10 when his grandfather sat him down in front of an old computer and taught him to develop in BASIC language. “He showed me how to make the computer beep in different tones, so I

by Julie Dunn March 11, 2013

Interested in Salesforce Development & near Detroit? Head to the M@dison Wednesday.

Cities around the country offer Force.com Developer User Groups. Detroit is about to be one of them. Sponsored by Salesforce, the new “Meetup” will be hosted by LevelEleven CTO Kevin O’Hara, who plans on combining Force.com education and work sessions into monthly events. He’ll launch it all at 6 p.m. Wednesday in Detroit’s M@dison Building.

by Julie Dunn January 28, 2013

3 Reasons We Launched Our Company on Force.com

At LevelEleven, we don’t say we’re “native” to Salesforce because we used its Force.com platform to build some of our gamification app, or even most of it. We say it because we didn’t rely on anything else. We didn’t have to. Today, the finished product, which runs entirely within the walls of Salesforce – making

by Julie Dunn January 14, 2013

The Idea that Led to an App that Led to a Company

If you keep up with sales gamification news, are familiar with salesforce.com or read this blog from time to time, you’ve likely heard of Compete. Maybe you use it. But have you ever wondered how it all began? How an idea sparked that led to the creation of an app and eventually the birth of