Interested in Salesforce Development & near Detroit? Head to the M@dison Wednesday.

Cities around the country offer Developer User Groups. Detroit is about to be one of them. Sponsored by Salesforce, the new “Meetup” will be hosted by LevelEleven CTO Kevin O’Hara, who plans on combining education and work sessions into monthly events. He’ll launch it all at 6 p.m. Wednesday in Detroit’s M@dison Building.

Anyone interested in development can attend Wednesday’s informal meet and greet to enjoy free food, beer and opportunities for local networking. A Salesforce Developer Evangelist will be there, too. As if that isn’t enough, there will also be a tour of the M@dison building. Here’s a sneak peek at what that might include (thanks to WXYZ-TV): 

Kevin’s goal in starting the group is simple: He wants to provide the Detroit Salesforce community with additional opportunities for networking and learning. After all, he knows what a Meetup group can do: “A huge portion of my technical learning has not come from professional education or reading technical books, but from working with others in Meetup groups,” Kevin said. And he’s hoping that this Meetup will only add to that.

To learn more about the event, check out the Meetup page here, or watch the video below to see what Salesforce Developer User Groups are all about.

You can contact Kevin on Twitter – @Kevin080 – or email him at

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