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by Julie Dunn April 9, 2013

Funny Works for Salesforce Adoption

It’s been one month since I started working at LevelEleven, and here’s what I’ve learned so far: When it comes to Salesforce adoption, funny works. My team launched my Salesforce experience with funny, and it not only led me to adopt the CRM, but changed the way our entire team looks at using Chatter. It

by Julie Dunn April 1, 2013

Salesforce Tip Video: Putting Chatter to Work

A lot of clients ask LevelEleven Account Executive Felipe Gonzales-Paul what they should be doing with Salesforce Chatter. Play the video below to find out what he tells them, based on how he uses the platform daily… Or, check out the transcript: Putting Chatter to Work My name is Felipe Gonzales-Paul. I’m an account executive

by Julie Dunn January 22, 2013

From Zero to Chatter in 30 Days

You won’t hear this from anyone at Agility Communications Group: “Our sales team won’t use Chatter.” But it wasn’t always this way. In fact, Agility previously existed as one of the many organizations that invest in salesforce.com only to struggle in getting their team to adopt it. Then the Texas-based communication solutions provider began running