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by Haley Smith September 19, 2019

Cold Calling Guide: How to Handle Objections

Prospecting is difficult, and cold calling objections are even harder to handle. Whether for your own use, or to create a cold calling guide for less experienced reps, we will go through examples and explanations that will help you craft a great prospecting call.

by Haley Smith August 29, 2019

How to Be a Good Sales Manager: 4 Tips for Success

If you want to learn how to be a good sales manager, you need to pay attention to your own personal development, and deliberately work towards embodying the characteristics of a good manager. Management skills can be difficult to master, but once you do, they are skills that you can take anywhere you go in your professional career. Learn some tips on how to be a be the best sales manager you can be.

by Haley Smith June 28, 2019

Time Management Tips for Managers

With so much responsibility as a manager, one of the most important things you must master are your time management skills. Here are some time management tips for managers on running your team efficiently so that both you and your employees can be most effective. 

by Megan Seamans April 26, 2019

You Employees are Less Engaged – Here’s Why

Beyond lost revenue, disengaged employees can be doing more harm than you think. Teams that are actively disengaged are unhappy at work, which may even lead to destructive behavior like undermining projects. This is obviously a problem. The first step to resolving it is to address what causes your employees to be disengaged.

by Megan Seamans March 29, 2019

Coaching Your Coaches – Setting Your Managers up for Success

Understanding the importance of coaching is one thing. Doing it right is a different story. Even if sales managers understand the importance of coaching, they usually go about it all wrong or fail to make it the priority it should be. Many organizations offer their managers training to help them coach more effectively. However, more training on coaching does not result in more coaching by managers, for three principal reasons.

by Megan Seamans March 22, 2019

Stop, Collaborate, and [Active] Listen!

When a person has the ability to actively listen, they are able to hear what’s being said from the other person’s perspective and leave their own agenda on the back burner long enough to truly understand the prospect’s needs. And that is precisely why great listening is the single most important skill for a top notch sales person.