Management is time-consuming and difficult, but it can also be greatly rewarding to play a role in the professional development of your team. Not only do managers have a lot on their plate, but the effectiveness of the people they manage is often a direct reflection on their performance. With so much responsibility as a manager, one of the most important things you must master are your time management skills. Time is one of your greatest resources, and to be successful you must use it wisely. Here are some time management tips for managers on running your team efficiently so that both you and your employees can be most effective. 

Foster Self-Sufficiency

Create an environment that gives your employees the autonomy and support they need, but makes it clear when they should ask for advice or guidance. Some people you manage may need more of your time than others, but it’s important that they make mistakes on their own and learn from them. Foster self-sufficiency within your team so that you can focus on the larger picture as well as the multitude of tasks you already have. 

Structure Meetings

The larger your team, the less time you have for individual check-ins. Condense your weekly meetings to quickly review highlights, issues, and prioritize your employees’ workloads. Use an agenda and keep your meetings action-focused. Focus on committing to your original schedule as much as possible, and you will find yourself with much less wasted time.

Create Guidelines

Each person should know exactly what activities they must complete to achieve the goals you set for them. Defining this guideline is imperative to saving you time and keeping employees productive without you having to hold their hand. Your productivity will depend on the thoroughness of their activity goals that will lead to the numbers they must ultimately reach.

Block Time

Delegate specific times each day to check your email. Constant email notifications can destroy your concentration and productivity. Try not to self-interupt yourself either. When you think of something you must do or tell someone, quickly jot it down in a planner or notes in your computer, then continue with the current task. When those tasks have built up, switch your focus then and complete them. 

Leverage Technology

Use tech to make sure that the processes you oversee are automatic. For example, use a messaging app for you and your employees to communicate, or use “coaching” technology with pre-made forms for your employees to contact you, saving the coaching sessions for future reference. Leverage technology to automatically see your employee’s performance compared to their goals and KPIs so that you can gather actionable information at a glance. 

Figuring out which time-management skills work best for you is important to your success. Keep these time management tips for managers in mind as you communicate with your team, and continue trying out new ways to work smarter, not harder. 

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