May 2014
Want to amp up the impact of your sales contests? Consider the types of incentives you’re using. While you can count on the competition and recognition that come with running a carefully planned contest to produce significant sales motivation, adding on even minor tangible incentives from time to time can crank things up. And making those incentives...
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Content’s not just a marketing thing. And I’m not just saying that because I have a thing for content. I’m saying it because I watch our sales team here at LevelEleven find value in inbound marketing content all the time — and beyond simply case studies. They use content like recorded webinars, checklists and eBooks in...
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If you’ve been in sales for more than two minutes you’ve likely realized things don’t always go your way. Whether it’s a prospect saying “no” right out of the gate or that “sure thing” deal falling through and putting you in danger of missing your number, such events are a common occurrence for sales reps...
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