January 2014
Is sales gamification unhealthy? It certainly can be. In his most recent Inc. piece, 3 Ways to Keep Sales Gamification Healthy, LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh offers advice on how to avoid such an occurrence. Here’s an excerpt, with the three tips he offers: 1. Don’t just run sales competitions. Use them to coach the team. Simply...
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Having an opportunity to reflect on the past fiscal year within our business has been both refreshing and exciting, and many things crossed my mind. One of those included my conversations with clients around focuses within their sales organizations. An item that continued to come up in those discussions, besides “ I need my team...
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We’ve learned a lot of things in our first full year of business here at LevelEleven. One of those is just how much animated GIFs can do. It all started on August 20. Account Executive Craig Dulman closed a deal, and the entire team got the usual “New Deal Won” email that let us know....
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