November 2013
As Dreamforce sponsors scramble to rearrange booths and retrieve lead scan devices, Dreamforce attendees scrutinize their schedules. Right about now, professionals from around the nation are scrolling through over 1,000 sessions on hundreds of topics and wondering: Are those that I registered for really worth the hour lost networking over lunch or learning about new...
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Have you ever wondered why sales contests work? What is it about salespeople that gets them so fired up around this basic idea? I’m currently reading a book called Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing and a while only partially through the book, a few things really jumped out in terms of why...
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Curious what our offices look like today? Well, if you walked out to the hallway, you’d see this: Then if you stepped into a conference room, you’d witness this: And out in the parking lot, you’d definitely catch a glimpse of something like this: Although we all tend to keep the excitement levels high at...
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