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by Megan Seamans August 24, 2018

5 Tips for Handling Pricing Objections in B2B Sales

All salespeople are familiar with the phrases: “we’ll get back with you soon,” or “let me think about it.” And high prices are often the reason for prospects’ hesitation. According to Hubspot.com, almost six in ten buyers want to discuss pricing on the first call, and at least 50 percent of your prospects are not a good fit for what you sell. There is not a set scenario pertaining to pricing objections—each prospect will have their own reasons for trying to negotiate on price. A skilled salesperson should delve into the situation to determine where the prospect is in the decision-making process.

by Brendan Hartt December 13, 2017

5 Sales Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

During my time at LevelEleven I have met and/or worked with hundreds of sales teams and I have seen many of the pitfalls they experience in their day-to-day work. With that in mind, I have consolidated these learning into 5 common sales pitfalls that I see salespeople make every day and some suggestions on how to

by Julie Dunn November 10, 2015

8 Prospecting Tips from Sales Stack 2015

Over 1,000 people registered to learn about “the next generation of sales” at Sales Hacker’s first-ever Sales Stack 2015.  The concept started as a Meetup around three years ago and then turned into a 2-day event that Sales Hacker’s Max Altschuler says, “isn’t your grandfather’s sales conference.” The event launched today with content that fit its next-generation theme. It all kicked off with

by Julie Dunn October 26, 2015

3 Things Every Sales Development Rep Needs to Know

In the last nine months, I’ve made the journey from a floundering sales development representative (SDR) to a much more polished member of the team. Like a lot of you, I came straight out of college and into a role at a young and expanding company. It’s been fun, but also a serious learning experience.

by Julie Dunn July 23, 2015


A common (and frustrating) obstacle for salespeople is creating a sense of urgency with prospective customers. We are often faced with meeting no-shows, or receive push-back from prospects because of busy holiday plans or end/start of quarter distractions. So whenever you are finding that your prospects are “just too swamped”, here are a few ways

by Julie Dunn April 28, 2015

5 Sales Contest Ideas for Motivating Calls

Do you ever run sales contests around calls? So do most of our customers. The most popular call contest we see is one that rewards participants for talk time, or the amount of time each team member spends on the phone. Other popular ideas include rewarding participants for the number of calls made each day