8 Prospecting Tips from Sales Stack 2015

Sales Stack 2015Over 1,000 people registered to learn about “the next generation of sales” at Sales Hacker’s first-ever Sales Stack 2015.  The concept started as a Meetup around three years ago and then turned into a 2-day event that Sales Hacker’s Max Altschuler says, “isn’t your grandfather’s sales conference.”

The event launched today with content that fit its next-generation theme. It all kicked off with a panel featuring these five thought leaders:

  • John Barrows, CEO, Jbarrows
  • Ralph Barsi, VP of Operations, Achievers
  • Bill Binch, SVP of Global SMB Sales, Marketo
  • Lesley Young, GM of Commercial Sales & Operations, Box
  • Andrea Austin,VP of Enterprise Sales, InsideView

Here’s some of the advice they offered on modern prospecting:

8 Prospecting Tips from Sales Stack 2015

1. “One of the things you have to start doing [as a sales coach] is you have to start managing what people are doing with their day.” –  Lesley Young, GM of Commercial Sales & Operations, Box

2. “If you’re just approaching [prospects] and you’re spamming, you’re going to fall flat.” – Andrea Austin,VP of Enterprise Sales, InsideView

3. “If you’re not adding value, it’s not even worth making the call or sending the email.” – John Barrows, CEO, Jbarrows

4. “I think the more salespeople today can face outward and start focusing on the world of our prospects…the better and the more advantage we’ll have.” – Ralph Barsi, VP of Operations, Achievers

5. “ ‘The reason for my call is…’ If your reps can’t finish that, they shouldn’t even be making the phone call.” – John Barrows, CEO, Jbarrows

6. “[When reaching out to prospects] the context has to be there, and the relevance has to be there.” – Lesley Young, GM of Commercial Sales & Operations, Box

7. “I think the days of having 10 browser windows open [to research prospects] are over. I don’t think everyone knows that yet.” – Ralph Barsi, VP of Operations, Achievers

8. “In every story there should be a villain and a hero, and you need to make the customer the hero.” – Andrea Austin, VP of Enterprise Sales, InsideView

Stay tuned to the LevelEleven Blog for more prospecting tips and Sales Stack content.

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