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by Julie Dunn December 28, 2015

How to Hire a Modern Sales Leader

Hiring the right sales leader who can coach, mentor and take your sales team to the next level is a crucial hire, but it’s difficult to sort through all of the resumes and information to identify the right one: the modern sales leader. This leader manages with metrics, engages with content and oftentimes even becomes

by Jordan Wan November 27, 2015

Hiring Sales Reps? Don’t Forget About These 5 Traits.

If you’re managing a sales team you’re probably in constant hiring mode. Whether you’re at an early-stage startup or a Fortune 500 company, competition is fierce for high-performing sales reps. You probably know the typical traits, but here are five less-common traits that are equally important. 5 Traits to Search for When Hiring Sales Reps 1.