Tag: Activity Based Selling

by Julie Dunn November 28, 2016

5 major reasons for sales management to be thankful this year

Around this time of year, all of us in sales management tend to get a little stressed. Our pipelines are full. Our sales reps are on their game. If all goes well, we shouldn’t have a problem hitting quota … But suddenly, our biggest opportunity calls to say they might have to wait until 2017.

by Julie Dunn November 18, 2016

Is sales coaching worth your time?

Sales leaders spend less than one-fifth of their time on sales coaching, according to research from CSO Insights and the AA-ISP. That seems odd. One of the primary responsibilities of a sales leader is to empower their reps for success. As Jason Jordan explains in “Cracking the Sales Management Code,” sales leaders are like war

by Julie Dunn November 3, 2016

Why sales activities need more management

Many modern sales leaders already understand the importance of managing sales activities. SalesLoft VP of Sales Derek Grant is one of them. As Derek told a panel at Dreamforce, his team tracks their total sales activities, calls, conversations and meetings scheduled. The leadership team reviews those numbers on a weekly basis. If sellers don’t complete

by Julie Dunn October 26, 2016

Use activity-based selling for accurate sales forecasts

Is any part of a sales leader’s job more scrutinized than the sales forecast? Hard to say. But as you put together your sales goals for 2017, I want to propose a radical shift in the way you manage performance: an activity-based forecast. This forecast comes from the activity-based selling methodology, where you guide day-to-day

by Julie Dunn October 20, 2016

10 activity-based selling fundamentals

According to Pipedrive Co-Founder and CEO Timo Rein, there are key activities that you always perform to get to a sale. Activity-based selling merely makes a process out of them. Timo recently shared how to break down and measure that process in a webinar with Sales Hacker founder Max Altschuler: “You can calculate the metrics

by Julie Dunn October 19, 2016

10 explanations of activity-based selling (from experts)

Buzzwords are the worst. I promise that’s not what activity-based selling is about. It’s a modern sales methodology that solves an age-old issue: Salespeople aren’t always sure where to spend their time and often get lost in day-to-day noise instead of the activities that are truly meaningful to the sales process. Activity-based selling changed this.