March 2017
Have you looked at your sales metrics lately? What types of metrics are you tracking? More than likely, they include measurements like profit, revenue growth, customer retention or market share. Those result metrics are important, because they communicate how the company is performing overall. But research shows that you can’t directly manage result metrics because...
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Sales management involves a lot of coaching. A whole lot. But sales coaching has tendency to focus on pure selling skills or pipeline review. While those are topics that coaching should absolutely cover, they can’t be the only ones. One area in particular that tends to get passed over is soft skills like communication, teamwork,...
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A bad sales management hire can cost your company a lot of money. $3.5 million, to be exact. So identifying strong candidates is no trivial task. Many organizations prefer to promote one of their own reps to sales management, keeping the process internal. That makes a lot of sense. Your current sales team already understands...
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