April 2015
March 4, 2013. That’s when my fascination with work culture began, because that’s when I first experienced the type of culture that makes you thankful to come to work each morning. It’s when I joined LevelEleven. Ever since, I’ve read and chatted and written about culture, simply in efforts to understand how companies can take...
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Adding to all of the Detroit tech scene’s recent hype, this week the city hosted Techweek, a conference and expo meant to celebrate technology and innovation. Today we popped over to Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions and Techweek events, to check out the scene. In case you didn’t get to attend, we wanted to share...
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In our last post, we talked about the importance of discussing sales KPIs with your team. Today we’ll share tips for acting on that advice. These tips serve as especially useful just before you finalize any new set of sales KPIs, such as you would at the beginning of a new quarter or year. If you won’t...
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