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by Megan Seamans June 27, 2018

Executive Scorecard: Real-Time Intelligence for Sales Leaders

Here at LevelEleven, we are dedicated to making the sales process easier and more productive. A big part of doing so involves listening to the needs of our customers and using that information to improve our solution. The LevelEleven Scorecard and Manager Scorecard have always been popular tools used by sales teams but it was the feedback from our customers that drove the demand for Executive Scorecard.  The idea was to give those who might not be involved in the daily sales process visibility into how the global organization is performing, as well as what actions the team is taking to achieve their larger goals. Take a look at why this new tool is a must for Sales Executives.

by Brendan Hartt June 18, 2014

For Those About to Launch A New Product (We Salute You!)

There are several things in life I thoroughly enjoy. To name a few: spending time with my family, watching my favorite bands play live, volunteering with groups like Forgotten Harvest, eating sweet potato fries (man I love those things) and listening to companies discuss initiatives they’re trying to motivate inside of Salesforce. Alright, so I