If you’re like many sales leaders, you’ve experienced the challenge of having too much data in too many places. A combination of Salesforce reports, dashboards, spreadsheets, as well as other sales software programs can make it nearly impossible to extract the critical information necessary to take action. With LevelEleven, your critical sales metrics are tracked and available directly in Salesforce, consolidating the data you track, giving you the insights you need to make decisions and take action. The following are 5 ways to make data actionable using LevelEleven’s sales management system.

1. Set Critical Sales KPIs to Increase the Productivity of Coaching Sessions

With LevelEleven, data on the KPIs that are critical to your business are right at your fingertips, making employee productivity and effectiveness easy to track. This data can be seen monthly, weekly, daily, or even by the hour, providing sales leaders with the unique opportunity to coach their team in real-time and track their results. LevelEleven’s Coaching feature also includes a coaching notes features – a collaborative area for both sales leaders and employees to provide feedback and agree upon action items to address before their next coaching session.

The ability for sales managers to focus on the right topics so that they can make a real impact on their team during coaching sessions is a crucial use of data. LevelEleven makes it easy for a sales manager to view snapshots of how their team is performing against their goals at any given time. These snapshots are ideal to reference in coaching sessions, allowing for more consistent feedback with actionable takeaways to promote a more productive sales team.

2. Keep Your Sales Team’s Goals Front & Center

Reminding employees of company goals is crucial to keep the company’s vision alive. This, however, can be thrown to the wayside as people get comfortable, which can hinder production and negatively affect revenue. The good news is that LevelEleven and the Focus Box can help! Visible directly inside Salesforce, LevelEleven’s Focus Box is specifically there to help remind even the most experienced salespeople where they should spend their time. It provides increased visibility as to what goals they should be trying to reach, and real-time data on how close they are to achieving their goals. This feature keeps employees Engaged while also keeping the sales managers in the loop as well. The Manager Scorecard empowers sales leaders by providing a quick view of their entire team and how they are performing against their goals. This allows for real-time course correction as soon as the sales manager sees that their team is getting off track.

3. Make Individuals Aware of the Entire Sales Team’s Performance

Nothing promotes high performance and action like a little bit of healthy competition. In fact, the top two sales motivators (beyond compensation) are competition and recognition, so why not use your data to fuel the action you want your team to focus on? Channel11 allows real-time sales performance data to be broadcasted throughout the office, keeping everyone in the loop. This builds a culture of accountability and recognition by comparing scorecard metrics of individuals and creating leaderboards which allow data to be easily digested and turned to actions.

4. Easily Compare Past & Present Data to Stay on Track with Goals

The best insights into a company’s performance is a mix of subjective and objective feedback. Not only does LevelEleven’s platform allow for the collection of real-time data, it also empowers sales leaders to look back on data for the current period, last period, the last 4 periods, and year-to-date. Comparing historical data with more recent activities can expose which sales behaviors are working and which ones are not. This allows managers to course correct when needed, informing them if they should re-adopt old practices that produced results or discontinue recent, ineffective sales tactics. As Steven Levitt, co-author of Freakonomics said, “Data is one of the most powerful mechanisms for telling stories.” These stories can be used to measure performance against goals, fuel meaningful coaching sessions, and ensure that a company is growing. Find out how Everbridge saw a 40% increase in activity using a structured coaching workflow.

5. Measure Employee Performance From Day One & Onboard Faster

Employees are one of a company’s most important resources, they are extremely valuable. Great employees are hard to come by, take time to train, and usually have some sort of adjustment period. With LevelEleven, new employees can begin using our platform on the very first day on the job. Sales managers can set alternate goals for new hires, allowing the onboarding to occur smoothly by showing the new employee exactly which activities they should be focused on. Goals can also be adjusted during the training period to help set more realistic expectations and training timelines. Sales Managers can use this tool to make sure that their new hires are meeting performance expectations, and take action to change any undesirable behavior. With LevelEleven, TZA was able to cut their onboarding times by 50%, getting new employees to their most productive state faster.

new hire

Data, according to many business leaders, makes the world go round. In a sales environment, being able to have relevant data right at your fingertips is very important. Here at LevelEleven, we help sales teams not only collect all important data in one, convenient place inside Salesforce but we make it easy to take action and see results quickly. Begin taking action with your data today and learn more about LevelEleven’s Motivate, Engage, and Coach features!

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