As an undergraduate at Wayne State University Mike Ilitch School of Business, I learned how important strategy and execution are to the success of an organization. Regardless of company size, organizations have many layers, departments, and employees that need to work together seamlessly. Realizing business objectives requires planning and monitoring progress and nobody wants to spend their time on spreadsheets to do so. That’s why LevelEleven created the world’s first sales management system to keep teams focused on the behaviors that matter every day

If you want to improve employee productivity, identify data trends, or keep your finger on the pulse of the company a sales management system is crucial for success.

Set Goals & Monitor Progress

An effective company needs to be focused in so that it can be broken down into actionable goals. For example, if you want to raise 1 million dollars in 2019, you must set goals that can be monitored throughout the year. Telling your sales team your yearly goals is helpful in sharing the bigger picture, but are they motivated? Yearly goals can be overwhelming. Breaking the goals down to manageable, smaller achievements is helpful. A sales management system allows goals to be set and displayed to employees. This keeps said goals top of mind awareness, while also showing your team’s daily progress.

Formulate a Strategy to Achieve Your Goals

Let’s go back to our goal of 1 million in revenue, meaning $250,000 a quarter. Breaking a large goal into smaller milestones limits discouragement in employees. If you are looking up at a mountain, the task of climbing it can be daunting, but this can be mitigated by hiking a certain number of miles per day. Similarly, setting smaller goals with shorter deadlines are less overwhelming for your sales team, and therefore more attainable.

Reinforce The Strategy With Coaching

Once you’ve set goalcoaching-saless and created strategies to accomplish them, now it’s time for your team to get working! To ensure that everyone is staying on track, you must review progress: daily, weekly, and monthly. Monitoring team member progress allows you to see which employees require specific coaching as well as where they are struggling. These insights make for more effective management. Easy access to data and individual contributions through LevelEleven’s manager scorecard makes it easy to see where there is room for improvement.

sales mgmt

Stay on Top of Trends in Your Data

Whether you are a sales manager or an executive, staying aware of trends in your data is important. This helps prevent disaster before it begins. Trends show how your team measures up to where they were in previous quarters as well as what they must do to get back on track. With a sales management system like LevelEleven, previous and current data is available at your fingertips.

Being a sales leader comes with many challenges and staying on track of your team’s progress goals should not be one of them. Utilizing a sales management system is crucial in the modern sales world to improve employee productivity, identify data trends, and keep your finger on the pulse of the company.

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