5 Potential Sales Pitfalls and How LevelEleven Solves Them

5 Potential Sales Pitfalls and How LevelEleven Solves ThemMotivate What Matters – that’s not just our tagline at LevelEleven, it’s what we live by every day. We know that sometimes motivation is just as much about the when as much as it is the what, as specific situations can call for different approaches. Luckily, the LevelEleven team works with hundreds of sales teams with very different needs and we have built solutions to help your team stay engaged with what is most important.

Here are five common scenarios that Sales Managers see and how to properly address them using LevelEleven:

Sales Scenario #1: It’s the slow season for your industry, and your sales team is less engaged.
LevelEleven Solution: Create a Sales Contest with a vacation-themed incentive.

This scenario is relatively common, as some salespeople take their foot off the gas pedal during the slow season. An excellent way to counter this is with LevelEleven’s Motivate solution. Create a compelling contest that provides the opportunity to win additional vacation time or a vacation package (if budget allows for it.) You can even make it an annual tradition, so the team has something to look forward to once your high-season is over every year.

Sales Scenario #2: One employee is continuously checked out from his work, dragging down the team.
LevelEleven Solution: Build a customized Performance Improvement Plan using LevelEleven Success Plans.

Sometimes even a single member of your staff can drag down morale, and there are a wide-variety of reasons that he may be unhappy or unmotivated. No matter the reason, a plan to steer him towards success is critical, and LevelEleven’s new Success Plans allow you to address the individual needs of your employees head-on. Not only will you be able to set up a custom plan that encourages successful sales behaviors, but the employee will also likely be thankful for the additional assistance. Success Plans are included in LevelEleven’s Coach solution.

Sales Scenario #3: There’s a major campaign coming up that you need your team to rally behind.
LevelEleven Solution: Create a Sales Contest focused on the Key Performance Indicator for the campaign.

Every campaign has a strategy, and every strategy has a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that it intends to bolster. With the help of LevelEleven, you can create Sales Contests that revolve around those same KPIs. For example, if you build a campaign around a major event you’re sponsoring, the KPI could be event invitations accepted or sent out. After all, you’re going to want plenty of visitors at your booth to put those marketing dollars to work.

Sales Scenario #4: You just expanded like crazy and you want to invigorate your new hires.
LevelEleven Solution: Create an Onboarding Plan that focuses on both process and culture.

Significant hiring periods can have a major impact on company culture and morale, so having a plan for onboarding is critical to growing your sales team successfully. Luckily, LevelEleven recently added Onboarding Plans as part of our Success Plans feature! Using this feature, you can build a comprehensive process for training new hires that focuses on successful sales practices while also bolstering excitement for the new job they’re undertaking.

Sales Scenario #5: Your sales team needs to hit their Month-end, Quarter-end or Year-end goals.
LevelEleven Solution: Customize Your Channel11 Leaderboard to focus on team goals over individual goals.

Almost every tenured Sales Manager has experienced this scenario, and LevelEleven has helped many of them hit their crunch-time goals. But, when it comes to a team-wide quota you need the team to rally together. Creating a leaderboard that takes the focus off individual accomplishments and shines a light on team success makes perfect sense. Also, consider creating a Sales Contest that gives them a group incentive (e.g., days off for everyone, a massive team party or shared bonuses) as additional encouragement.

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