The modern business is constantly evaluating new ways of using technology to improve efficiency and drive rapid growth. But so many options are out there and with so many coming from new, unproven companies, it’s critical to know what and who you can really trust.

G2 Crowd has rapidly become the trusted source of enterprise software reviews from real users. This is a tremendous platform that companies of all sizes and verticals can turn to for real, unbiased feedback and advice from people who have actually implemented and used the software or related services.

Our G2 Crowd Experience

As of a week ago, we had a grand total of 4 customer reviews on G2 Crowd. And in a business environment that so strongly empowers the buyer to inform their decision-making, this was a major fail! We were also baffled, considering the number of organizations using LevelEleven today as their sales optimization platform, and the passion they have for using it.

But, the reality is that in order to get a quick spike in our G2 Crowd presence, we needed to get our own team rallied around making this happen. Our customers weren’t going to just stumble across G2 Crowd and write a review, and simply adding a link to our email signatures wasn’t a strong enough message.

So we said, hey, how can we create focus on this specific behavior and get all of our team members rallied around driving this initiative? You guessed it; we built an internal leaderboard campaign around getting more G2 Crowd reviews.

Here’s how this bad boy went down:


G2 Crowd Customer Review Campaign using LevelEleven:


Campaign Name: Drive Those G2 Crowd Reviews
Duration: 10 days
Behavior: 1 point per email sent asking for a G2 Crowd review; 25 points for each review submitted
Incentive: iPhone 6; team minimum of 40 reviews required to unlock prize.
(Note: This was a pretty big prize. Our typical prizes are far less expensive, and we’ve found time and again that the prize is much less important than you think for successful motivation.)

G2 Crowd Review
Our G2 Crowd Review Campaign Leaderboard

Fast-forward 10-days later, and we now have 65 reviews…up from a meager 4 just 10 days prior! And these are real, genuine reviews from our actual customers. The key to it all was getting our team rallied behind putting a little extra attention on asking for reviews. We’re now implementing a long term strategy to keep the reviews coming in on a regular basis, but this was a killer way to build up the base very quickly.

So now, when potential customers are considering whether to use our platform, the collection of reviews they’ll find published on G2 Crowd serve as a ringing endorsement from our current customers, and are a powerful new addition to our sales toolkit. 10-days ago we never would have told a prospect to check out how we compare to others on G2 Crowd. Today, it’s a key move in our sales process!

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