The Effects of Public Versus Private Recognition

Employee recognition has been a hot topic, creating a buzz in all industries. A report released by the human resources association WorldatWork stated that in 2017, 85% of companies surveyed have employee recognition programs in place. But are all recognition programs created equal? Let’s explore the differences between public and private recognition, why you should implement an employee recognition program, and how LevelEleven can help!

The difference between public versus private recognition

Although any form of recognition is better than none, let’s break down the differences between public and private recognition.

private recognition in the officePrivate Recognition

Private recognition is when someone is celebrated for their performance or accomplishments in a 1-on-1 setting. This could be a boss giving an employee a bonus for great performance, sincere kudos during a coaching session, or even an email telling an employee that they’re appreciated. In a study funded by an employee motivation firm Make Their Day, it was found that private recognition given by managers has found to be motivational for 88% of employees surveyed

Public Recognition

Public recognition is when an entire organization makes a concentrated effort to celebrate employee performances and accomplishments as a whole. In the same study conducted by Make Their Day, 76% of respondents found peer praise very or extremely motivating. Public recognition ensures that not only managers but coworkers are also aware of key accomplishments and celebrate their team members accordingly.

The benefit goes beyond the individual

Recognizing people for their good work and strong efforts sends an extremely powerful messages to the recipients, their work teams, and all other employees. Referencing the survey released by Make Their Day, 70% of respondents reported their most meaningful recognition “had no dollar value”. Consequently, it makes sense that these effects would multiply if recognition is given in front of peers. Public acknowledgment sets off a chain of events, leaving employees feeling happier longer as the news of their accomplishments spread organization-wide, leading to boosted morale and increased productivity.

How LevelEleven can help

Using a Performance Management Platform such as LevelEleven is a fantastic way to ensure your employees feel publicly recognized and celebrated for their accomplishments.

LevelEleven’s Channel11 feature offers a platform for public recognition. By using custom splashes and videos chosen by each individual employee, the entire organization is made aware of a goal being hit. This not only counts as recognition that boosts employee morale, but it also generates positive energy within the office environment — boosting individual and team productivity.

LevelEleven Channel11 View

LevelEleven’s Scorecard is another form of public recognition that also encourages healthy competition. Allowing team members to track their own progress as well as their peers, Scorecard provides opportunities to provide encouragement as contributors get closer to their goals. This establishes a culture of recognition within your organization.LevelEleven Manager Scorecard View

Take your workplace recognition to the next level. Request a free, personalized demo of LevelEleven today!

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