Sales Incentive ideas

With two quarters down and halftime over, it’s time to finish the game. But sales reps may start to feel burned out as the end of the year approaches. It’s obviously important to avoid that, and sales incentives can help.

Out of fresh ideas? We have seven that are perfect for the last half of the year.

7 sales incentive ideas to close the year strong:

1. Lunch with the boss
This serves as another low budget sales incentive, but will definitely motivate reps, thanks to the recognition it offers. Have your president, CEO or another executive who might not get much face time with your team take them to lunch.

2. Wall of Fame
This is another easy recognition-based sales incentive. Pick a high traffic area in the office and display sales reps’ pictures, along with a note on why they made it up there. But be careful not to overdo it with pictures. Leave the wall for unique accomplishments.

3. A night on the town
Have a limo pick your sales rep up and one person they choose to accompany them from the office after work. Buy dinner for them at a nice restaurant, and then cap the night off with concert/event tickets.

4. Champion swag
Let your reps pick out some champion swag for their desk. Have an assortment of signs, coffee mugs and other tchotchkes with champion quotes. These types of sales incentives are great for culture and peer-to-peer recognition — when a team member comes up to a desk and sees a sales incentive, especially when it’s new, they’re likely to call it out.

5. Experiential gift certificates
Gift certificates don’t have to start and end at Starbucks gift cards. Amp up your motivation game with a gift card to a summer concert series or even to a non-profit your team supports. (Check out Tango Card for that.)

6. Lazy day
This one speaks for itself. The winner gets a day off to kick back and relax. That day off feels even better when you’ve earned it.

7. Golf outing
An all-expense weekend trip to a golf resort is the perfect sales incentive to let a rep unwind and be ready to work when Monday hits. If they don’t golf, try including lessons, or substitute that whole idea for a spa experience.

Sales incentives have potential to be your bread and butter when it comes to motivating your sales reps. Keep them fresh and engaging, and you’ll see what I mean.

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