Don’t Micromanage – Use a Performance Management Platform. Your Team Will Thank You

Are you micromanaging your team? Although you may feel like you’re doing what’s best for everyone by monitoring all aspects of your department, that’s far from the truth. Micromanaging can lead to low employee engagement, higher stress levels, increased employee turnover, and a sense of dread in the office. So how do you tell if you’re micromanaging? Here are some signs:

  • You avoid task delegation – no matter how small
  • You discourage your team to make lower-level decisions
  • You’re constantly sending emails to check on employee progress

If any of these traits sound like your workplace habits, you might be a micromanager. According to a Trinity Solutions survey published in Harry E. Chambers’ book My Way or the Highway: The Micromanagement Survival Guide, 79% of respondents revealed that they had or were currently experiencing micromanagement in the workplace. On top of that, a staggering 85% of respondents said that their morale was impacted negatively by being micromanaged.

Although there are plenty of resources available to change your ways, you might not have to. Getting a performance management platform is an effective fix for micromanagers to help them relax and focus more on their daily responsibilities while still being able to monitor their employee’s day-to-day progress. Still not convinced? Here are some creative ways you can transform your micromanagement tendencies into productive guidance using LevelEleven’s Performance Management System:

  1. Keep your finger on the pulse of your company’s daily activities from a single dashboard

    Know instantly when team members are falling behind via your manager scorecard while letting your employee’s dashboards remind them what they need to do to stay on track. LevelEleven empowers sales leaders to course-correct sooner, so your team can meet their goals. Real-time data allows you to check on reps’ performances without the endless progress checks, emails, and hovering trips to their desks.LevelEleven Manager Scorecard View

  2. Focus on employee growth with coaching notes

    Coaching and developing your reps is crucial to organizational success. Instead of manually analyzing your reps’ every move to prepare for your coaching sessions, LevelEleven snapshots and stores your rep’s KPIs, doing the heavy lifting for you. Tailor your coaching templates to get the information you want out of your reps, plus provide action items at the end of your sessions. Let them know ahead of time your focus and they’ll do the same. That way, everyone is prepared all within one system, native to Salesforce.LevelEleven Manager Coaching Notes View

  3. Keep your employees motivated with contests and scorecards

    Stop hovering to make sure your team is being productive. Instead, create a contest and let them get to work. Spin up an automated sales contest in only six easy steps around any behavior tracked in Salesforce. Motivating your team with healthy competition is a proven way to increase productivity and drive results. The best part? Managers can view real-time standings and see how the entire team is performing from one dashboard, all within Salesforce.LevelEleven Channel11 View

Interested in disguising your micromanaging? Request a free, personalized demo of LevelEleven today!

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