Creative Contests to End 2018 with a Bang!

No matter what industry you are in, companies are looking for ways to keep their employees engaged without decreasing their productivity. One of the best ways to do this is through contests (Don’t believe us? Check out our post on why your organization needs contests). While running a contest sounds like a simple way to motivate the right behaviors, contests require some thought to make them successful which can be hard to fit into a manager’s already busy schedule. That’s why we have gathered five contest ideas to help spark specific behaviors. Use these contests to get your team motivated or as a starting point to create some of your own!

1. Focus in on Behaviors

Idea: Celebrate Halloween


Goal of Contest: Reward participants for the behavior of your choice.  Award bonus points via the Adjusted Score feature in LevelEleven to the top three individuals who have the most Halloween spirit by having a desk decorating competition. If you’re conducting a team-based competition, assign each team an area of the office for decorating; the team with the spookiest or smartly decorated area wins bonus points!

Prize Ideas: A basket containing all types of Halloween-themed candy

2. Revisit Old Leads

Idea: Bring back fun summer memories with a “Dirty Dancing” Theme

Name: “NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER” – Based on Patrick Swayze’s famous line from the movie

Goal of Contest: Resuscitate old and/or outdated Opportunities by rewarding points for Opportunities advanced during the contest.  Reward extra points for Opportunities created more than 90 days ago.

Prize Ideas: Dirty Dancing on Blu-Ray; dance lessons; “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner” button or mug.

3. Improve Specific Skills

Idea: Based on the famous line from the movie “Jerry Maguire”


Goal of Contest: Choose a behavior and using historical averages of your sales team, create a contest around “who can improve the most” using the new adjusted score to set baselines.

Prize Ideas: Jerry Maguire on Blu-Ray: football box set; a pair of tickets to a local NFL game

4. Market a New Product

Idea: To celebrate the start of football season


Goal of Contest: This competition will be based on a new product going to market. Make this a dollar-value-based contest where the winner will have the highest cumulative opportunity amount for that product.

Prize Ideas: A gift card to a local apple orchard/tickets for a hayride, cider, and donuts for the office, lawn service to rake leaves for a one-time fall cleanup

5. Dive into Self Motivation

Idea: America’s favorite masked crusader takes center stage


Goal of Contest: Run a 2-week team contest where the participants pick their favorite superhero and put only one person in each team. Make each team name the superhero’s name so that the leaderboard provides a level of mystery into who is really in the lead.

Prize Ideas: 4 Film Favorites: Batman Collection; The Dark Knight Trilogy; Batman mask; Batman apron; Batman magnet

Now that you’ve read some of our contest ideas – use this post to fire up your own creativity! Remember, visit for more contest ideas and utilize LevelEleven to reach sales goals and motivate your team!

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